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Microsoft's Surface Ergnomic Keyboard provides a comfortable and great typing experience. It's connected directly via Bluetooth without an dongle. But sadly some quirks in the bluetooth implementation of the keyboard make it harder to get it working on Linux.

Linux KVM GPU pass-through

Passing-through a GPU to a virtual machine requires loading vfio-pci, instead of the "normal" GPU driver. Normally you use the device-ids to select the graphic card for the virtual machine, but what if they share the same id?

Own Certificate Authority on Linux

With your own Certificate Authority you can get rid of browser security warnings and you don't need to import single site certificates, only the CA root certificate once.

Delete annoying dot files recursively on Linux

Hidden files from file managers, thumbnail creation and applications can be very annoying, especially because they stay forever. In most ".gitignore" files at least the ".DS_Store" (MacOS finder) is listed, but what about all the other hidden Linux application files?

The AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper CPU is, thanks to the enormous core count, perfect for virtualization. By passing an graphic card to the VM it's possible achieve almost bare metal GPU performance, which is important for gaming or the use of graphical intensive software (like Adobe Photoshop).