New LPIC-1 Exam 101 Quiz

New LPIC-1 Exam 101 Quiz

LPIC-1 offered by the Linux Professional Institute is the first grade of Linux certification, the Linux Administrator. It's goal is to reflect the real world administration skills you need in order to administrate a Linux system. It requires passing two exams, LPI 101 and 102.

The quiz contains 20 random questions on the topics of the LPIC Exam 101, which you have to answer in 30 minutes.

LPIC Exam Version: 5.0

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The questions focus on the Exam 101 objectives, including:

  • System Architecture and modules
  • Booting the system and Bootloader (Grub / UEFI / MBR / initramfs / initrd)
  • systemd
  • SysVinit
  • Shared libaries
  • Package Management (Debian / RHEL)
  • SSH
  • Basic Linux commands (GNU coreutils)
  • Text processing and filtering
  • File management
  • Manage processes
  • Nice values
  • Regular Expressions
  • File editing (vi)
  • Mass storage devices (Partitioning, Formating, Swap, Mounting)
  • ACL / File and folder permissions
  • Links

For the "real" LPIC 1 Exam 101 certification, you have to answer 60 questions on these topics in 90 minutes.

As it's a new Quiz, please report any issues you have and you can even suggest Questions to add to the pool. The practice exams / quiz is not endorsed by LPI or any other organisation and is only provided for use during exam preparation.