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Sometimes it’s useful to backup only files in an folder (and subfolders) that have been changed in the last 7 days.

For this you can use find and tar:

find . -mtime -7 -print | xargs tar cvzf "backup-$(date +%y-%m-%d).tar.gz"

If you only want to backup certain file types you can extend the fin...

If you navigate a lot on the terminal there are some little helpers that can make your life easier. One particular unknown is the d command in the zsh.

d shows you the folders you recently navigated to, such as:

0 ~/projects/docker/systemtests
1 ~/projects
2 ~/srv
3 ~/projects/ansible/update...

If you are using high resolution display, scaling on Linux can be a difficult topic. Here are some hints how to get your browser user interface right.

Installing Arch Linux on the new DELL XPS 15 9550 can be quite troublesome, here are some tips for the installation. This tutorial covers the UHD / 4k screen model with the Intel Core i7 6700HQ and the Samsung NVME SSD. If you have another model you have to adjust your hard disk path (probably /dev/...

When you use the windows key + arrow keys (Move / Split windows) or switch monitors it can sometimes happen that certain program windows disappear completely. When this happens no shortcut is working any longer to get it back.

In older windows versions, the solution was right clicking on the progr...