My sxhkd shortcuts for bspwm

My sxhkd shortcuts for bspwm

List of shortcuts for BSPWM with sxhkd. Get my dot files here.

The super key is normally the windows key on your keyboard, also called modifier key.


super + Return

Opens a new Terminal. URXVT in my case

super + space

Starts dmenu, a program launcher mostly known from i3

super + d

Opens rofi, another program launcher (my default)

super + w

Opens a new window with my browser (Chromium)

super + e

Opens a new window with Visual Studio Code (Open Source Version)

super + v

Opens a new terminal with vim running

super + x

Opens a new floating terminal. You can achieve that by adding a custom name to the URXVT instance with urxvt -name. For example urxvt -name my_float and in your bspwmrc you add an rule for it. For example: bspc rule -a *:my_float state=floating

Screenshots & Co


Take a screenshot with maim (all screens)

super + print

Select of which part of the screen you want to take a screenshot or click on the window you want to take a screenshot from. Uses maim with slurp.

Managing bspwm

super + escape

Reloads the config of sxhkd, this is also done when i reload the bspwm config.

super + alt + r

Reloads the config of bspwm, restarts sxhkd and polybar

super + alt + q

Quits bspwm

super + m

Toggle tiled and monocle layout. Monocle layout is some sort of fullscreen and tabbed mode, with super + b you can switch between the windows.

super + g

Swap the current node with the biggest one, useful if you have a lot of open window tiles on one workspace.

super + {t, s, f}

Switch the window state. t = tiled mode (default), s = floating, f = full screen. One of the most used shortcuts.

super + tab

Switch to the last focused window. Very usefull if you switch between different displays.

super + shift + {0-9}

Send an window to the fiven desktop it there. The focus change is different to the behavior from i3wm.

super + ctrl + {h, j, k, l}

Normally bspwm automatically decides where new windows are attached to. With these shortcuts you can define it youfself. (west, sout, north, east)

super + b

Switch between the windows on the workspace. Sometimes faster than using super + {h, j, k, l}.